Lehto is a Finnish construction sector group utilizes an economically driven construction model, where the implementation and design processes have been integrated in order to achieve cost benefits. 

The construction innovations developed by Lehto are based on a modular implementation method that brings not only cost benefits but also higher level of the construction quality. Through its modular operating model, Lehto is able to offer its customers a rapid and effortless process under the turn-key principle, from design to implementation.

The professionals at Lehto have decades of experience in the construction and renovation of business premises, apartments, care sector facilities and other public buildings.


We are commited to bring to our customers a higher satisfaction through the following aspects:

  • A single agreement: based on the customer’s needs, we will plan and implement the project from earthworks to final cleaning – all this effortlessly with just one agreement.
  • Fixed price: We offer a competitive, accurate and fixed price based on Lehto design – no any surprising extra of hidden costs.
  • High Quality: 3D design, modularisation and automated in-house factory manufacturing line helps to achieve a highest quality.
  • Agreed move-in date: The progress and completion of the construction project is rapid and designed to meet the schedule agreed in advance.