Apartment investment

Looking for an apartmet to invest in?

In Finland, buying an apartment means buying the shares of a limited liability housing company, which owns the plot of land and owns the residential building. Shareholders then own the shares that grant the possession of the block pf apartments in question. For the buyer, a housing company loan is available.

Based on recent practice, the initial stage (1-3 years) of the housing company loan repayment consists of only interest payments, while the loan principal will be due few years later after completion of the apartment building.

Lehto  is a right choice if you want a secure profit from your investment property. We build with decades of experience in emerging areas, close to excellent transport links, safely and precisely, and with an awareness of what property investors need.

Our unique concept ensures that you get a high-quality apartment for your portfolio at an extremely competitive price. Because our apartments are sold at affordable prices, you are also a step ahead of your competitors on the road to a solid annual profit!

We have concentrated construction to the following main locations:

Capital city Helsinki, 645,000 inhabitants
Helsinki region, 1.5 million inhabitants comprising Helsinki and 13 neighbouring municipalities – Espoo
and Vantaa being the biggest (Espoo, 280,000;  Vantaa, 224,000)
Tampere, 232,000
Oulu, 202,000
Turku, 190,000
Jyväskylä, 140,000
Lahti, 120,000
Kuopio, 118,000


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