According to Newsec consulting company, Finnish apartment investor market is quite attractive for foreign investors. It is less regulated yet sufficiently standardized compared to many other European countries.

According to KTI Finland (independent research organisation and service company), foreign investors made 19 per cent of all transactions on the Finnish rental residential market in 2018. 

Foreign ownership has increased in the Finnish residential property investment market in the past years, and in total, foreign investors currently own more than 11,000 rental dwellings in Finland. Round Hill Capital, Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing and Aberdeen Standard Investments are already made their investments in Finnish residential property market.

Additionally, according to RAKLI Rental Residential Property Barometer, some 80 per cent of the respondents expected foreign investors to continue increasing their investments.



Finnish products have stable export perspective and volumes. Inflation is still under two per cent. In 2019, the average inflation rate was 1.0 per cent.

The European Commission's provided features of economic forecast for Finland:

GDP growth (%, yoy)  2020- 1,1%  2021-1,0% 

Inflation (%, yoy)  2020-1,4%  2021-1,5%  

Unemployment  2020- 6,5%  2021- 6,4%

Prices of dwellings in housing companies in Finland have been rising steadily for a long term, see Official Statistics of Finland

The long-term credit ratings for Finland are strong: Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch have rated Finland in the second best category, at AA+ / AA1. 

Finland is known as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The country is high-scoring in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index rankings, which means that Finland performs well in terms of attracting talents to the country. According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is at the top of the countries with the happiest immigrants, and the happiest population in general. 

Finland ranked first in the world for safety and security, according to the World Economic Forum report