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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is Finland's largest municipality by population, accounting for more than 10% of the country's entire population.

Helsinki in numbers:
Population: 648 042 (December 2018)
Age distribution: Proportion aged 0-14: 14.1%; proportion aged 15-64: 69.2%; proportion older than 64: 16.7% (2016)
Mother tongue: Finnish-speaking portion 79.6%, Swedish-speaking portion 5.7%, other 14.7% (2016)
Municipal tax: 18.5%
Average price per square meter in an old condominium: 4 933 €
At nearly 5 000 euros, the average price per square meter is the highest of any municipality in Finland, and in Kaivopuisto, for example, the price approaches 8 000 euros. For this reason, we have primarily focused our new construction on areas other than the very heart of Helsinki. Thus, as with other cities and municipalities, we can offer affordable new city homes with good transport links even in Helsinki.

It doesn't have to cost you the earth to live in our capital?

You can own your own home affordably by buying an apartment from one of Lehto's new developments. It's a nifty way to start accumulating your own wealth, especially for a first-time apartment buyer. We offer affordable owner-occupied dwellings in key and sought-after locations even in Helsinki, where the square metre price of condominiums is among the highest in Finland.

Benefits of investing Finnish property.

Apart from the pleasant residential environment, home ownership in a development centre such as Helsinki is also prudent as a financial investment. Helsinki is growing constantly, which means that apartment prices are not decreasing, at the very least. The combination of city liveliness and the peacefulness of the sea and nature also makes Helsinki a desirable place to live in.

If you take a look at the offers available on our Apartments for sale Helsinki, you're bound to find an affordably priced and well situated apartment that suits your needs. Reserve an apartment for yourself or contact our apartment sales experts! They will be happy to help and will answer all your questions by phone or email.


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