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By population, Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries and Finland's third largest city after Helsinki and Espoo. Tampere is located in the Pirkanmaa region on the shores of the Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi lakes, which join each other at the Tammerkoski rapids that pass through the city. In addition to Tammerkoski, Tampere is known for having Finland?s tallest building, Näsinneula, and for the nearby Särkänniemi amusement park.

Tampere's urban structure is that of a typical Finnish city. It has a single clear and relatively dense centre, surrounded by all the largest and most important services. The city's outer rim, comprises of residential areas, where all the necessary services can be found.

Get higher rental yields from university town

Tampere is also a university town, which means that there is serious demand for apartments with affordable rents. That's why an apartment bought in Tampere is also a good decision from an investment perspective, because the city is undeniably a growth centre. A compact apartment is also easier to resell or find new tenants for, since the selling or rental price is competitive.

We are confident that you will find a compact city home that suits you in our apartment selection for Tampere. At the heart of our apartments are modern, simple shapes, large and bright windows, and spacious interiors without unnecessary square metres.
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Tampere in numbers:
Population: 232 407 (April 2018)
Age distribution: Proportion aged 0-14: 13.7%; proportion aged 15-64: 67.7%; proportion older than 64: 18.7% (2016)
Mother tongue: Finnish-speaking portion 92.3%, Swedish-speaking portion 0.5%, other 7.2% (2016)
Municipal tax: 19.75%
Average price per square meter in an old condominium: 2 707 €
Tampere's urban region is the second largest in Finland after the capital region. If a vibrant conurbation sounds appealing to you, but you don't like the prices of the capital region, then Tampere is an excellent option. Tampere's urban region includes Kangasala, Orivesi, Nokia, Lempäälä, Vesilahti, Pirkkala, Ylîjärvi and of course Tampere itself. The region has more than 380 000 inhabitants, and at current growth rates the population will reach the 400 000 mark in the near future.

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