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Vantaa is Finland's fourth largest city by population. The vibrant, active city lifestyle of the capital region is clearly visible on the streets of Vantaa, and yet Vantaa is situated in a natural environment that also offers the opportunity for a peaceful, down-to-earth life. They say that Vantaa is full of opposites – the bustle of a major city and untainted nature.

Alongside the capital region, Vantaa has become an actively growing area, and its population is expected to grow by 50 000 people by 2040. As a centre of growth, Vantaa guarantees good services and excellent availability of transport links.

Vantaa in numbers:
Population: 224 397 (April 2018)
Age distribution: Proportion aged 0-14: 17.9%; proportion aged 15-64: 67.1%; proportion older than 64: 15.0% (2016)
Mother tongue: Finnish-speaking portion 80.8%, Swedish-speaking portion 2.6%, other 16.6% (2016)
Municipal tax: 19%
Average price per square meter in an old condominium: 2 835 €
Vantaa's administrative centre is Tikkurila, but Vantaa does not have the kind of centre typical to cities, and instead is made up of individual urban areas. That's why it's most convenient to do shopping at a mall, such as Myyrmanni or Jumbo.

Vantaa is a smart choice for first-time apartment buyers who want a home in the capital region, because the price per square metre is considerably lower than in Helsinki, and yet services are still just as close. Public transport makes it easy to get to Helsinki from all of these cities.

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