Our innovative housing concepts




The story of Lehto NERO, which means genius in Finnish, began when Lehto’s primary owner Hannu Lehto wanted to solve the problem of affordable apartments. In Finland there is great need for reasonably priced, functional city homes in good locations. We solve this challenge with the NERO residential product, where every detail is carefully considered, but nothing is excessive. NERO is a one-of-a-kind residential product, a masterpiece of Finnish design, architecture and engineering that prioritises high-quality everyday life and affordability.




The high-quality and ecological DECO wood apartment blocks are primarily built using the best building material in the world – Finnish wood. The use of wood as a building material has increased once again, as in addition to being naturally breathing, it is durable, renewable and ecological. In addition, wood is a beautiful natural material which is healthy for the tenants and a sustainable choice for the environment.

The renewable materials used in DECO apartment blocks bind carbon dioxide and create an elegant appearance in modern and efficient architecture. Our sites are always built in attractive living environments near high-quality services and transport connections.  All of the elements for happy and healthy living are in order in these homes!