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Salmelantie 5, 90130 Oulu



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As. Oy Åströmin Lehto: Dream homes right next to Oulu’s Merikoski rapids! 

Here you can live splendidly close to nature, right next to the Oulujoki river and the Merikoski rapids and opposite the Hupisaari city park. Fancy a summer morning stroll along the white bridges of the archipelago or a trip to Tuira beach and its beckoning saunas?

Urban living in a historic milieu

Built in the courtyard of a preserved 114 year-old tannery, As. Oy Åströmin Lehto is a stylish combination of lively masonry and streamlined glass. The courtyard has space for children’s games, chatting under the ancient trees, or relaxing sessions in the idyllic sauna.

A gorgeous home near the Hupisaari islands and Merikoski rapids

Here you’ll unwind and recuperate, and life will be plain sailing: The riverside is barely a hundred metres from here, and the extensive Hupisaari park area, also known as the White Bridges Archipelago, begins just across the road. The centre of Oulu with all its services is a meagre five minutes away by bicycle. (Picture: Estormiz)

Magnificent location and services

All of the municipal services are nearby, for example a school (700 m), daycare (900 m), health centre (1 km), Oulu’s Lyseon upper secondary school (1 km), library (1.5 km) and a swimming hall (1.5 km). The area is also home to Oulu’s international school (650 m) and a private English-language daycare (650 m). Commercial services are also easily accessible from here. You can do day-to-day shopping at Myllytulli’s K-Market (550 m). You can shoot over to the centre of Oulu (1.6 km) on your bicycle in five minutes. There you can find the Valkea shopping mall, Prisma and K-Citymarket (1.6 km) and the train station (1.2 km). The closest bus stop is only a stone’s throw away from your front door.

A fantastic starting point for a unique lifestyle

71 single-room, 24 two-room, 6 three-room and 1 four-room apartments offer an inspiring starting point for establishing a unique lifestyle. The sizes of the single-rooms range from 24 to 33.5 m2, in addition to which there is one large 53.5 m2 single-room apartment. The floor space in the smaller units is used efficiently, while in the somewhat larger ones the sleeping quarters are separated from the food and living areas by a homely alcove.

Address: Salmelantie 5, 90130 Oulu


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