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River vistas, nature and centrality – all in one package!

The river mouth and the pleasant ambiance of Myllytulli with its parks facilitate unique, serene living in the central area of Oulu in the proximity of services. Shops, daycares, schools, beaches and downtown Oulu are all within walking distance. Åströmin Tori's condominium comprises of a single 8-storey complex, whose many apartments open out onto broad vistas of both the Oulujoki river and the Ainolanpuisto park.

As. Oy Oulun Åströmin Tori is situated in the city’s most delectable location!

The unique, beautiful and verdant Ainolanpuisto park next door would be enough on its own to make the location exceptional. Furthermore, on the other side of Kasarmintie flows the Oulujoki river and the channels that flow through the Hupisaaret Islands. The beautiful historical buildings on and around the plot let the new buildings form part of a century of city life. The Luuppi museum and science centre and the city centre itself are only a short walking distance away. In addition, the plot has good bicycle route connections to anywhere in the city, not to mention other transport links.

The new buildings’ architecture is modern, graceful yet atmospheric!

Large glass surfaces and a lively masonry surface create an ambient whole that harmonises beautifully with the preserved buildings. The apartment layouts are uncluttered, the spaces structured around the refined bathroom and kitchen units. Designed to let in light, large glass surfaces offer unique vistas and add roominess to the inner areas. The appearance of the interior is also carefully considered. The most bedrooms are separated from living areas by a glass sliding door the height of the entire wall, letting the spaces lead into each other airily.

Area's history and homeliness of the apartment!

When the development was being planned, we paid special attention to the area’s history, homeliness for the residents, and the unique river and park vistas! Åströmin Tori is well suited to those who want to live in a distinctive apartment in the close proximity of the Oulu river and Ainola park in the central part of Oulu. We are proud of this achievement, and hope that you choose a home from here!

Address: Kasarmintie 12, 90100 Oulu


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