Asunto Oy Oulun Gibraltar

Pakkahuoneenkatu 19, 90100 Oulu


WILL BE COMPLETED 10/2019 - 12/2019

Available apartments 3/93

Debt free price from 219,900.0 €

As. Oy Oulun Gibraltar is a rare treat in the property market – a personal high-value development in the city centre!

A new chapter will soon begin in the printing house’s more than 100 year-old story with this high-quality renovation of the building and restoration of the original appearance of the frontage and roof. Alongside the restoration, this Tsar-period beauty will acquire two gorgeous squires looking to the 2020s in the form of distinct, streamlined new developments. The harmonious whole is a masterly example of reconciliation between the new and old government.

“The sheltered corner-house homes and hallways simply emanate the old charm and atmosphere of the old stone building. The building’s walls are thick, the embrasures broad, and charming paned windows in line with the original blueprints have been brought back. In the top floor’s spacious apartments you can truly experience the city dream of a modern loft residence in an old building’s attic!”

Mikko Kämäräinen, Aki Hirvikangas and Maija Rautvuori Gibraltar’s architects

Surrounded by the services of Oulu’s centre

Feel like sushi, Thai food, pizza or something new and exciting? Would a film or a theatre production cheer you up after a long work week, or would you prefer an evening stroll on the beach? Do you enjoy scouring museums and art galleries on the weekends, or would you perhaps prefer a long, chilled workout session in the nearby gym? In Oulu’s city centre, everything new and interesting and all of the local classics are part of your everyday life. Whether you’re a traveller or more of a homebody, with all the services you need nearby, you have time to do what you really want to do!

New or old – Which one is your dream?

As. Oy Gibraltar’s story is continuing in three different stairways. The modern architecture of the A and C steps with their tall glass surfaces brings Central and Southern European nuances into residents’ lives.

A total of 56 brand-new single-room, 14 two-room and 4 three-room apartments await the start of their first chapter in the A-stairway and Mäkelinkatu’s C-stairway. Here, ultramodern style governs the glass, streamlining and minimalist styling.

The B-stairway has a total of 14 personal homes on offer: 3 single-room, 7 two-room and 3 three-room apartments, as well as one four-room attic apartment with a sauna. The elegant curving lines of the apartment walls and windows are also reminiscent of the 1910s. The apartments’ kitchens and bathrooms, however, have been designed with the needs and preferences of 2010s residents in mind.

A truly distinctive choice – just right for you!

The apartments’ design has paid attention to the history of the building, the brightness of the apartments, and client comfort. If you want to live in a distinctive apartment in downtown Oulu, As. Oy Oulu’s Gibraltar is perfect for you. With all the services you need nearby, you have time for what you really want to do!

We are proud of this achievement and hope that you will chose one of these homes!

Address: Pakkahuoneenkatu 19, 90100 Oulu


September 2018




At the end of 2019



Miika Pihlajaniemi


Ville Kimpimäki


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