Asunto Oy Oulun Valjaskartano

Isokatu 1, 90100 Oulu

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As. Oy Oulun Valjaskartano – Inspiring eco-homes in park landscapes in the centre of Oulu

Fancy your own splendid city home at the edge of a park, several minutes walking distance from Rotuaari? A new ecologically-designed apartment complex is rising in the courtyard of an old harness factory, near both a Finnish and an international school.

The single, two, three and four-room apartments are designed by multiple award-winning architects are suitable for all who want to live close to nature in the centre of Oulu near the green paths and bicycle routes of the Hupisaaret Islands. Thanks to geothermal heating, green roofs, electric car charging stations and the housing company’s communal car, you can live ecologically and economically right at the heart of your dear city!

Valjaskartano is being built as a neighbour to the beautiful old harness factory, half a kilometre from the pedestrian streets of Oulu’s city centre.

Nearby lies Åström Park, and behind it the white bridges of the Hupisaaret Islands, the babbling trout brooks, and the green paths and bicycle routes of the river mouth.

Lehto is offering a communal car to be used by the complex for a year!

As. Oy Oulun Valjaskartano serves as an example of the ecological city architecture of the future. Using geothermal heat, the complex both conserves natural resources and reduces residents’ living expenses. Green roofs help simultaneously to save energy and to deal with rain water. Electric cars can charge easily in the courtyard, under the deck or in the parking places in the cellar, of which one third are reserved for electric cars. But having your own car isn’t necessary at Valjaskartano, because there is also a communal car intended for use by the residents. After the first year, the housing company can negotiate a follow-up contract if it wishes to.

A lovely city block unit

The city block’s functional and yet peaceful courtyard area is in a courtyard deck above the parking area, where you’ll also find the block’s play and recreation area, which is equipped with barbecue spots. The common sauna areas belonging to As. Oy Valjaskartano are on the same level as the courtyard deck, and have a small cooling-off terrace that opens onto the deck. Cars can be parked in an underground parking level or in the parking area under the above-ground courtyard deck. Plenty of space has been reserved for parking bicycles, and there are lockable racks both indoors and outdoors, covered and uncovered. The city block unit creates a rich, multifaceted city environment with its colours and buildings of different shapes and sizes. On the other hand, massing and carefully selected colours form a peaceful, pleasing and controlled whole. Alongside the pale pastel hues of the residential buildings, more rugged brown brickwork has been used in the courtyard buildings and entrance canopies.

Address: Isokatu 1, 90100 Oulu


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Huolehdimme terveydestänne. Ethän tule esittelyyn mikäli tunnet olosi kipeäksi! Emme kättele ja pidämme suositellun turvavälin esittelyn ajan.
La 28.11.2020 16:00-18:00

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