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Espoo is Finland's second largest municipality by population, right after the capital, Helsinki.

Espoo consists of several different urban areas, and so services are divided equally between the different areas, and there is no single clear city centre. Espoo's administrative centre is Espoo Centre, a district that includes the city hall and the city council house. Shopping centres in Espoo include Iso Omena, Entresse and Sello.

Espoo is sometimes described as a miniature Finland. Southern Espoo extends into the Baltic Sea with its delightful archipelago landscapes and fresh sea climate. Further north in Espoo, one finds numerous – though relatively small – lakes. In its northernmost parts, the terrain becomes more of a wilderness, making Northern Espoo a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts.

Espoo in numbers:
Population: 280 247 (April 2018)
Age distribution: Proportion aged 0-14: 19.5%; proportion aged 15-64: 66.4%; proportion over 64: 14.2% (2016)
Mother tongue: Finnish-speaking portion 77.5%, Swedish-speaking portion 7.3%, others 15.2% (2016)
Municipal tax: 18%
Average price per square metre in an old condominium: 3 534 €
A square metre price of around 3 500 euros makes Espoo Finland's third most expensive municipality in this regard. The most expensive residential area in Espoo is Tapiola, where the square metre price is nearly 5 500 euros, which is slightly higher than Helsinki's average square metre price. That's why Espoo is a good option for people who want to live in the capital region and close to Helsinki, but who do not want to pay quite as much as Helsinki?s square metre price for their apartment.

From Espoo you can get to Helsinki and other parts of the capital region easily by car or with public transport, especially now that the Western Metro has been completed. At Lehto, we choose apartment complex construction sites carefully and only in the close proximity of good transport links, so that moving about is effortless. Good transport links also add to the property value.


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Like the rest of the capital region, Espoo is a centre of growth. Espoo's population is expected to exceed 300 000 by 2030. The expanding Western Metro connects Espoo even more closely than before to Helsinki and the rest of the capital region, which is why buying an apartment in Espoo is a good investment.

Another thing that makes Espoo a pleasant place to live in is that nature extends from the coastal scenery to the lakes in the central part of Espoo and up to the hiking trails in the north. The services in Espoo are nearby and the transport links are good.

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