Testimonials from our customers

Kia: ”I can be nothing but satisfied that I decided to buy an apartment from Lehto

"I bought an apartment from Lehto here in Kerava at the end of 2017. In June 2018 I got to move in. My apartment is a 44 square metre two-room apartment, which also has a rather spacious balcony. Large windows let in plenty of light – the brightness was actually one of the things that drew me here! In every part of the apartment there is at least one window, and the large balcony doors also let light in. There is underfloor heating, which means you don’t see panel radiators on the walls, which is also a plus. I can set the heating myself on the thermostat. The bathroom area is a very appropriate size, and can accommodate a bigger washing machine, and the shower screen keeps the area dry.

Since the start, when I reserved an apartment and went to discuss it with Lehto, everything proceeded really quickly and they were good at maintaining contact with me. When I wanted to ask something, I could call them and receive an answer quickly. Everything has gone so well throughout the entire process, there haven’t been any problems. I can be nothing but satisfied that I decided to buy an apartment from Lehto.*

Kia Lindfors
Practical nurse, Kerava

Minna: ”A Finnish operator that knows what it’s doing”

"Lehto built the apartment where I currently keep an office. It’s situated in Tolsa, Kirkkonummi, next to the railway line. The distance to the nearest station is a few hundred metres.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Two things make me happy on a daily basis! One of them is the fact that it’s extremely quiet – even though it’s near the railway station, I don’t hear any train sounds. Secondly, it’s modern, all of the appliances and taps and settings are modern, and the entire home is nice to use.

The Tolsa area is two kilometres from the centre of Kirkkonummi, towards Helsinki. The train goes straight to Espoo and Helsinki and on the Western Highway you can also get directly to Helsinki by car. A really peaceful area, good terrain for outdoor activities, for example Vanha Heikkiläntie is an old museum road. A truly peaceful place, suitable for someone who likes the outdoors.

The impression I am left with is that Lehto is approachable. A Finnish operator that knows what it’s doing."

Minna Rajainmäki
Communications entrepreneur, Kirkkonummi

Riikka and Miikka: ”It’s nice that Lehto makes suitably priced apartments”

Miikka: "We got a 50 square metre three-room apartment from Lehto, which we moved into in August 2017.  It was so good that, with the brief reservation period, we got moving!

Lehto’s activity has been as expected. They did the construction well and on time, they stuck to all the schedules. The customer service we received was absolutely on point."

Riikka: "We had absolutely no intention of buying an apartment, it wasn’t an active dream for either of us. Then we encountered this, and the thought occurred: Why not? I had never dreamed of owning an apartment, but when I came into my own apartment, it was certainly a real wow moment!

It’s nice that Lehto makes suitably priced apartments. At least what I’ve seen on Oikotie, when several apartments from here were sold, the asking price has always been much more than what we paid.

Of the materials, we got to choose either parquet or laminate as well as the colour, the kitchen cupboard colours, and the bathroom floor colour. We also got to decide the room division. We could get either a loft apartment, a two-room or a three-room. We chose a three-room. My heart beat in my chest a little, when in the final inspection we noticed that the wrong floor had been installed for us. But of course they changed it."

Teemu: "Absolutely, no problems. It’s a good vibe when the flat was to your liking, and now that it’s furnished, it’s still to your liking, heh. We got one that looks like our own!"

Riikka, milieu designer
Miikka, Director of a children’s crisis centre