Join the Loyal Customers Club and be the first to find out about new developments and the best offers

New apartments become available for reservation every month or two.


Lehto’s Loyal Customers Club is a mailing list that sends you information about our new developments a week or two before the start of public premarketing. We also give special offers to inner circle members, and invite you to interesting events. Join the Loyal Customers Club and reserve the best apartments before anyone else does!

Join the Loyal Customers Club!

Why should I join the Loyal Customers Club,? 

The most interesting apartments are normally reserved shortly after premarketing begins. As a member of the Loyal Customers Club, you will be informed immediately about all of our new developments that are about to enter premarketing. By acting fast, you will be able to reserve the apartment that suits you before anyone else does.


Can I leave the Loyal Customers Club easily?

You can leave the Club by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the received from Loyal Customers Club email or by sending us a message to varaukset[at]

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Join the Loyal Customers Club,and be the first to find out about new developments!

As a member of the Loyal Customers Club, you get to reserve an apartment from the new developments up to a week before the development’s public premarketing begins.