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Oulu is known as a new, creative technology city and the innovative economic engine of Northern Finland. Many people know that the pedestrian walkway in the centre of Oulu is called the Rotuaari and that the friendly Toripoliisi statue watches over the Market Square. The sea, the university and the eight-times Finnish championship winning Oulun Kärpät ice hockey team also often come to mind when people think about Oulu.

Nordic Silicon Valley

Oulu's reputation as the Nordic Silicon Valley is well deserved. Oulu-based Technopolis and its subsidiary Medipolis function as the business incubators for a large number of promising technological and medical enterprises. Thanks to the business incubators and quality research, Finland?s youngest city population has given rise to a national centre of expertise, where new innovations and jobs are created at regular intervals all year round. Thriving industries in this growing city include telecommunication, electronics, software, biomedical engineering and biotechnology. Thousands of Oulu residents are also employed in the timber, paper and steel industries.

Situated on the waistline of the Finnish Maiden, Oulu has excellent links both to the growth centres of the south and to Lapland. From Oulu's own airport it takes about an hour to fly to Helsinki-Vantaa, and with good luck you can sometimes find tickets for a ridiculous few dozen euros. The railway connections from Oulu are also outstanding, because Oulu's railway station is the interchange for three different lines. There are several daily trains from Oulu to Helsinki, Kuopio, Rovaniemi and Kolari. Even by bus you can easily get from Oulu to different parts of Finland. The popular Iso-Syîte ski centre is also less than two hours drive away.

Oulu in numbers:
Population: 202 058, (5th largest in April 2018)
Age distribution: 0-14: 19.0%, 15-64: 66.1% Over 65: 14.8%
Mother tongue (2016): Finnish: 95.9%, Swedish: 0.2%, Saami: 0.1%, Others: 3.8%
Municipal tax: 20.00% (250th most in 2019)

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