Financing your apartment purchase

There are multiple ways to finance your apartment purchase.
Here are a few options:


Bank Loan (Housing Loan)

Often apartment purchases are financed by bank loans. Different banks offer different terms based on the client's customership and existing savings.

Consult your bank for more information on housing loans.


Housing Company Loan

In contrast to the personal bank loan, the housing company loan does not require any personal loan arrangement nor any pledge. A housing company loan is a loan that is the liability of the housing company but not direct liability of the shareholder personally. It comes automatically with the apartment purchasing and is fixed in the purchasing agreement. Read more here. 


Lehto Finance (Lehto Raha)

Lehto Finance is a service where you first live in and rent the apartment you want to buy for 12 months. With the year of renting you cover the 5% deposit required to buy the apartment.

Through Lehto Finance we make it possible to buy certain apartments marked with the Lehto Finance seal without needing to have particularly large savings. The concept works in such a way that a first-time apartment buyer can first rent and live in the apartment of his choice for 12 months, after which he can purchase it. The required 5% deposit is offset by the year’s rent, and so particularly large savings are not required.

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